Direct Mail

Direct Mail- Doing a direct mail piece to consumers you recently have done business with is a great way to gather more reviews. We suggest mailing within 2 weeks of your transaction so you are still fresh of mind, with a few days being the ideal time frame.


Here is an example of a direct mail piece (to recent customers) that has worked:




Thank you for choosing (Your Company) for your recent service. We know you have many choices and we are glad you trusted us with your home and family. As a thank you, we included a few coupons, gift certificates and offers on future service as well as the gift you should have received in person from our team.

Tell Us How We Did!

We would love to know how your experience went. Could you take a minute and go to our review site  (Your review link) and let us know how our team member did while they were at your home or business? Each team member gets rewarded for great reviews written on them, so please take a minute of your time to tell us how it went.

Thank you!






P.S. One of the greatest compliments we can get is a referral. If you have anyone you know who needs (Your services), please send them our way. Thank you!


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