4. Drupal Installation

To implement RevuKangaroo API in any Drupal site:

Step 1: Go to Content-> Add Content. Select 'Basic page'.

On the new page:

  1. Put the API code into 'Body' text field.
  2. Select 'Full HTML' in Text Format.
  3. Give the page url in 'URL Path Setting'. This is the url of the page - we suggest /reviews.
  4. In Publishing Options, Select the area where you want to show up the page link. You can check 'Sticky at top of lists' option to show up the link in top menu.
  5. Save the page.

Step 2: Verify the page link from top menu OR you can access via : SITE_LINK/reviews


API iFrame URL:


Please note API-KEY will be substituted with your custom API Key found on your dashboard on the company page below your company logo.

Please download the attached PDF.


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