Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is the key to making this program work as effectively as possible. If they are asking for reviews with every customer, you will be flooded with reviews before you know it. We have a few tips and tricks to keep your employees engaged though out the process... if you find something else that works for you, please make sure to share!


Here is a link for some out of the box - creative ways to get your team members excited about your review program and how to KEEP them excited!


1. Explain the benefits to them- If they get more reviews... it means they walk into easier transactions and they walk into a lot more transactions. If you can explain to an employee why they should care about reviews and how they will directly effect them, it can go a long way to keep them engaged.


2. Promoting Reviews- The more your team talks about reviews to them the more top of mind it is. One of the best ways to do this is to share reviews that you receive with that employee and the entire team. It is a great pat on the back for the employee that is asking and a solid reminder for any that are not.


3. Fixed Time Contests- We suggest running monthly contests to encourage employees to get reviews. We have some members that give prizes (your call on what your employees will be motivated by) for the employee that gets the most 5 star reviews and we have companies that put employees name in a hat for a drawing with each review they get during that time period. Get as creative with this as you want, but its a great way to launch the program and give it a kick start every once in a while. A few examples of prizes could be a paid day off, cash or a plaque to hang on the wall of your business.


4.  Mile Stone Contests- Rewarding employees when they hit certain milestones is a great way to keep team members excited. You can give prizes or just recognize team members when they hit big goals, such as 100 5 star reviews, 100 reviews on a specific 3rd part site, a perfect review month (all 5 star reviews, with a minimum # of reviews as a requirement). Get creative and tailor the idea to your team!


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