Follow Up/ Happy Calls

Do you already do "Happy Calls"? If you do, why not ask for a review on that follow up call? It is a great way to guage your customers satisfaction and you can great marketing value by running it through youre review system instead of taking a survey.

For those of you who are unsure of what a "Happy Call' means, or don't currently conduct "Happy Calls" let me give you abreif description of how it is often used and the potential value it can bring. 

    A happy call is a follow up call that a company does after the transaction to see how the service went and potentially get additional business from that customer (similiar to random quality testing done with a manufacturing company to ensure the product is up to standards with a sales twist added.) Happy calls are most common in the home service industry, but can make sense for any business that has a large transaction that can justify the cost of calling a sample of customers back. 

   In a happy call you should:

  • Be familiar with the service the customer recieved
  • If the customer is unhappy have some authority for the caller so they can try to apease the customer on the spot
  • Get a guage of how the customers thought of he service (send them to your review program!!!)
  • If positive try to cross sell and ask for referrals


Attached is a simple script you can use, edit and customize to start or tweak your own Happy Call program.



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